The vast and beautiful campus accommodates staff quarters, separate spacious, well maintained hostel blocks for boys and girls, sports complex, children park, gardens, dining hall and auditorium. In addition to the aesthetically A.C. School building, an eco friendly environment is development on the backdrop. The serene campus is totally free from pollution and is conducive to concentration and study without any disturbance and distraction.


  1. To prepare the children for life by promoting physical, psychomotor, intellectual, socio-emotional and spiritual development through innovative approaches to curricular and co-curricular activities.
  2. To provide a rich and congenial environment which would facilitate and enable all students to learn and develop to their optimum level.
  3. To provide value based education for the achievement of higher qualities of life.


The school is located at Mota Chiloda on Ahmedabad Himmatnagar Highway No – 8. It is well connected by road and 10 kms. away from Gandhinagar, 15 kms. away from Ahmedabad.